What is ExtenZe?
ExtenZe® is a revolutionary medically designed male sexual enhancement supplement that can increase the size of your penis in both length and girth*. It is taken once daily as a dietary supplement.
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Does Extenze Work?

And How Does ExtenZe Work Exactly?

That is a great question. Before you try any method for male enhancement, you should know as much about how it works as possible. ExtenZe is simply a well thought out blend of natural herbs - ingredients that help increase the blood flow to your penis (increasing its size) and giving your body an extra dose of what it needs to maintain the erection. Using safe and natural ingredients that are known to help with certain problems, ExtenZe is a healthy way to increase your performance (and pleasure) in the bedroom.

Is ExtenZe Safe?

When used according to directions, ExtenZe is one of the safest methods for male enhancement. Because it's created from a special blend of herbs and other ingredients, you know that it's not going to cause you problems. Doctor tested and approved, ExtenZe has been helping men with their erections for quite a few years now. If the product wasn't safe (and effective) it wouldn't still be available for purchase all over the planet. This is a safe male enhancement product that can give you results.

The Details

The penis has three main chambers that fill with blood, giving you an erection. The ExtenZe formula helps increase blood flow to these chambers, resulting in a larger erection - both girth and length. In addition, the other ingredients help your body maintain the erection.

You can experience:

Patience and Consistency

While it would be nice to just take a pill whenever you want and have it magically work instantly, ExtenZe doesn't quite work that way. While you will see results after you first start taking the product, to get the best results, you need to take the product consistently for a few months. The exact time may vary for different people, but you don't want to give up too soon, claiming the product doesn't work. Because of the way your body works, it's actually better to slowly increase your size (width and length) over time rather than it happening too quickly.

Will Extenze Work For You?

With the ability to try it for yourself with a money-back guarantee in place, ExtenZe is safe to try to see if it works for you. While it has worked for a lot of men, we're all a little different. With ExtenZe, it's easy to see if the formula will work with your particular body chemistry. Also, the effects of ExtenZe will go away if you do stop using the product. All that said, if you're ready to spice things up in the bedroom and truly satisfy your partner, ExtenZe can help you with larger erections and more intense orgasms.

If you are ready to order, it's easy to have ExtenZe male enhancement delivered discreetly to your door. When used according to directions, you can quickly see an increase in the girth and length of your penis. Your partner will be able to notice as well. If you're ready to make an impression with a bigger penis, ExtenZe can help you the natural way.

*Temporary increase in size while you use ExtenZe®. Individual results may vary.

Clinically Tested and Doctor Approved

Daniel S. Stein, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. Author of Passionate Sex, is the founder and medical director of The Foundation for Intimacy and The Stein Medical Institute. Learn more about Dr. Stein

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